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Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund

Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund (MAPF) has been established to achieve a long-term capital growth in addition to a high level of after-tax income through investment primarily in preferred shares and preferred securities listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The tax rates used by the fund in analyzing current and potential investments are based on the marginal rates for the highest tax bracket in Ontario, as advised by the auditors of the fund.

"Malachite" is a semi-precious stone, easily carved and polished for artistic pleasure. The fund is referred to as "aggressive" because the composition of the fund does not necessarily reflect the composition of its benchmark index: it may invest in preferred shares issued by Split Share Corporations, for instance, and is not required to hold such classes of shares as floating rate issues, which are expected to underperform for the foreseeable future.

Administrative History

Perhaps the greatest mistake of my professional life was accepting a position in November 2004 at Portus Alternative Asset Management. They needed Portfolio Managers - I needed salesmen. It seemed like a very good fit, until the roof fell in less than three months later! Click here for details regarding the legal status of the fund during that unpleasant episode.


The historical performance of the fund (with a comparison to the BMO-CM "50" Preferred Share Index) is available to the end this index's preparation on 2020-12-31, and with the S&P/TSX Preferred Share Index ("TXPR") from the date of this index's commencement 2007-6-29. Annualized performance is available with March, June, September and December end-dates.

Further information regarding monthly performance, commentary and portfolio composition is available in the MAPF category of PrefBlog.

Additional commentary is also provided on PrefBlog:


Unitholders receive a monthly report from the Investment Manager, together with a statement of their holdings. Client holdings are confirmed by the fund's auditor annually. Commentaries may be downloaded from the monthly performance page. Additionally, fund statements are audited annually and semi-annual unaudited statements sent to unitholders. Currently available statements are:

NOTE:You need Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. Click here to get a free versionGet Acrobat Reader

Portfolio Transactions

In accordance with our Fairness Policy (PDF, 77KB), we make available the fund's transactions within three months of trade execution:

  • Transactions in 2001 (PDF, 33KB)

  • Transactions in 2002 (PDF, 44KB)

  • Transactions in 2003 (PDF, 47KB)

  • Transactions in 2004 (PDF, 60KB)

  • Transactions in 2005 (PDF, 34KB)

  • Transactions in 2006 (PDF, 32KB)

  • Transactions in 2007 (PDF, 41KB)

  • Transactions in 2008 (PDF, 74KB)

  • Transactions in 2009 (PDF, 79KB)

  • Transactions in 2010 (PDF, 68KB)

  • Transactions in 2011 (PDF, 68KB)

  • Transactions in 2012 (PDF, 33KB)

  • Transactions in 2013 (PDF, 27KB)

  • Transactions in 2014 (PDF, 68KB)

  • Transactions in 2015 (PDF, 79KB)

  • Transactions in 2016 (PDF, 79KB)

  • Transactions in 2017 (PDF, 74KB)

  • Transactions in 2018 (PDF, 58KB)

  • Transactions in 2019 (PDF, 87KB)

  • Transactions in 2020 (PDF, 87KB)

  • Transactions in 2021 (PDF, 87KB)

  • Transactions in 2022 (PDF, 55KB)

Purchasing the fund

This fund is sold to investors as a private placement, which therefore exempts it from issuing a prospectus, providing that the investor meets certain requirements. Accredited investors include:

  • certain institutions, including pension funds and registered charities.

  • companies and certain limited partnerships and trusts that have net assets over $5 million as shown on recent financial statements.

  • officers, directors or promoters of the issuer and certain of their family members

  • individuals who either

    • alone or jointly with a spouse own financial assets with an aggregate net realizable value (prior to taxes, but after related liabilities) of over $1 million.

    • has net income before taxes exceeded $200,000 in each of the two most recent years, or, when combined with spouse, exceeded $300,000, in either case with reasonable expectation of this situation continuing.

  • Note that the previous qualifier, for "those who will invest at least $150,000 in the fund are also eligible" has been repealed

Please refer to OSC Staff Notice 33-735 and this legal synopsis for more discussion. You may contact us for further information. Note that I will accept subscriptions for as little as $50,000, provided the investor is "accredited".

Some investors may not be in a position to invest in the fund, but still wish to have a professionally managed preferred share portfolio. Please note that the above conditions do not apply to segregated accounts.

Investments in the fund may be made directly through Hymas Investment Management. The following documents are available for download::

NOTE:You need Acrobat Reader to view this file. Click here to get a free version.Get Acrobat Reader

Fees & Expenses (MER)

Portfolio management fees are payable directly by the client to the Trustee. This structure has been used in order to give clients maximum tax benefits: fees paid in this manner are deductable from income, whereas if paid via the fund, more favourable dividend and capital gain income would be lost to the client. Note that the same favourable tax treatment may be obtained with less paperwork by arranging at the time of subscription to redeem sufficient units to pay the fees.

Fees are payable quarterly in arrears at the following annual rates:

  • 1% annually on the first $500,000

  • 0.75% annually on the next $500,000

  • 0.50% annually on the balance.

The account value used for calculation is the arithmetic mean of the value at the three month-ends in the quarter.

Fund expenses are borne directly by the fund and to calculate the MER investors should add them to the fees to be paid directly. Expenses are incurred almost entirely due to the requirement for an audit. It is the policy of Hymas Investment Management to cap these expenses at 0.50% - the manager pays any expenses incurred above this level.